Amanda Holden’s daughter Hollie turns reporter as she helps out with Angelina Jolie interview

Katie Rosseinsky
Amanda Holden with Angelina Jolie, daughter Hollie and Elle Fanning: Heart Radio

Amanda Holden’s daughter Hollie made her reporting debut as she joined her mother to interview Maleficent stars Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning.

Disney fan Hollie, seven, had the chance to put her questions to the stars of the fairytale sequel, which focuses on the story of Sleeping Beauty’s iconic horned villain Maleficent.

Following in the footsteps of her famous mum, she grilled the Hollywood stars with questions including “Do you think there’s good and bad in everyone?” and “If you could ban anything from the world, what would it be?”

Heart Breakfast presenter Amanda, 48, then stepped in to ask the co-stars whether it was important for them to choose project that “give a lovely message to young people,” prompting Jolie, 44, to open up about her children.

Cub reporter: Hollie had the chance to chat with Jolie and Fanning (Heart Radio)

“Oh absolutely, especially when you know that a large part of the audience are young,” she agreed.

“I think usually it’s the adults that need to be reminded of these messages because [children] kind of already know, but it’s really important to strengthen these messages for the young and the message that family’s not just blood.

Work experience: Hollie posed for a photo with her mum and the actresses (Heart Radio)

“Half of my children are not my blood and they are absolutely my family and my children and I love them so much. So it’s very important to understand that there are lots of different ways to have family.”

Jolie shares six children with former husband Brad Pitt, three of whom were adopted from around the world.

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