Amanda Holden slams government support for Ukraine: Priti Patel is winning

Watch: Amanda Holden is 'cross' that the Homes for Ukraine scheme is not working

Amanda Holden has poured scorn on the UK government's offer of asylum to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, saying not many people are getting in.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge recently travelled to a refugee camp on the Polish border to see the devastation for herself and criticised the Home Secretary for the strict rules behind the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Holden, 51, told Good Morning Britain: “Priti Patel is winning, we’re not going to be getting many people into our country despite the fact that one hundred and fifty thousand people have volunteered to open up their homes. I felt quite cross about that, to be honest.”

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The actor, TV and radio presenter decided to travel to Poland after launching her own podcast Ukraine's Hidden Voices with Amanda Holden.

<p>Amanda Holden has criticised the Home Office for its reaction to the Ukraine refugee crisis after visiting the war torn country where she has been recording her new podcast. </p>
<p>Speaking of her trip, she said: “It was very overwhelming” and described the people of Ukraine as “so pragmatic, as well as being distressed.”</p>
<p>Credit: <em>Good Morning Britain</em> / ITV</p>
Amanda Holden criticised the government's Homes For Ukraine scheme saying it is not working. (Good Morning Britain / ITV)

She explained: "The reason I went out there is because there was an American volunteer that we spoke to on our podcast who said I should go out there and see it for myself.

"And I thought, 'Do you know what, I am talking to these people who are clearly distressed, very displaced and bewildered by the whole situation, from the comfort of a studio - and I really should just go out there and see it for myself.' And that's exactly what I did."

Holden added: "It was very overwhelming. The people out there are so pragmatic, as well as being distressed. They're just getting on with it.

“I came home and I said to my own children, 'I can’t imagine what you and I would pack into a bag, how we would feel about leaving Daddy behind and then have to make a snap decision about what country we would want to go and live in.' It’s just a horrendous situation for them all.”

The Heart Radio DJ — mother to daughters Hollie, 16, and Lexi, 10 — was moved to give a platform to those under siege by the Russian forces after Kateryna Danno contacted her on social media.

Amanda Holden criticised the government's Homes For Ukraine scheme. (Getty Images)
Amanda Holden has launched her own podcast speaking to those in Ukraine and the refugee camps in Polcand. (Getty Images)

Russian president Vladimir Putin began his military invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. Cities in the country have suffered mass destruction and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have fled the country.

Housing Secretary Michael Gove earlier this month announced the Homes for Ukraine scheme, under which people can nominated an individual or family fleeing the Ukraine to stay in their home for up to six months.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 19: Amanda Holden attends the Britain's Got Talent 2020 photocall at the London Palladium on January 19, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)
Amanda Holden said she was 'overwhelmed' by what she saw in the Ukrainian refugee camp in Poland. (Getty Images)

The website crashed after it was inundated with over one hundred and fifty thousand people signing up to the scheme. Applicants must currently name the person or family member from the Ukraine who they wish to sponsor.

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The government said in a statement: “We are moving as quickly as possible to ensure those fleeing horrific persecution in Ukraine can find safety in the UK and our Homes for Ukraine scheme now allows those without family connections to come here.”