Actress Amanda Redman opens up about nine miscarriages

The actress says she has accepted it's not meant to be. (Getty Images)
The actress says she has accepted it's not meant to be. (Getty Images)

Amanda Redman has opened up about her nine miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies in an interview with The Mirror.

The actress is playing a lead role in BBC’s new comedy, Bumps, where she plays a woman of 62 who has had a baby after fertility treatment.

She explained how she could sympathise with her character after her own battles.

The 62-year-old has one daughter but when it comes to growing her family she has accepted it’s “not meant to be”.

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Redman suffered nine miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies in her 40s and 50s having previously described not having more children as her “biggest regret”.

“It is very possible and lots of people do it. Certainly in your early 60s that’s quite a doddle, apparently. But I’d prefer to have grandchildren and be able to give them back at the end of the day.” She said of her character’s decision to have a baby at 62.

Over the years she admits her sadness about not having a bigger family has faded. That’s partly down to her daughter Emily, 32, saying she enjoyed being an only child.

“Emily was thrilled I didn’t have any other babies. She wanted to be No 1.” Redman admitted.

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She also credited menopause with giving her acceptance.

“In one way, it’s a relief I know I’ll never have another child. I don’t live with the sorrow I had when it was still an unfulfilled possibility.”

In the comedy, Redman’s character Anita tries for a baby when it appears her daughter can’t have children.

She is treated in Holland but when she returns she finds out that her daughter has defied the odds and is, in fact, pregnant.

“That’s why I loved the script. It’s different. It will hopefully get people debating. I think they’re debating it on Loose Women as we speak. I think a couple of the panellists would like to.” She said.

Bumps airs on BBC One on 22 January.

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