Amanda Staveley defends Newcastle United Australia trip but indicates it was 'management' decision

Amanda Staveley has defended Newcastle United's trip to Australia but suggested that the decision to fly Down Under just hours after a Premier League campaign had finished was by order of the management.

Staveley insists she supported the move but has reacted to negativity which has come her way on the back of the trip. Staveley was not present in Australia with CCO Peter Silverstone present in Melbourne last week but no appearance from CEO Darren Eales.

Staveley, posting on her Instagram, said: "I have seen a lot of comments about the NUFC Australia trip. Which I'd like to address.

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"Besides being a shareholder, I am first and foremost a fan. As a fan, I understand that this trip was controversial. However, personal opinions aside, revenue-generating trips are crucial to a club's commercial success. The decision to go was taken by management, and ultimately I have to support their decisions."

Head coach Eddie Howe has stated he is unsure of the level of finance he will be backed by this summer. And that situation took a further dent after Newcastle did not qualify for Europe over the weekend as Man United's FA Cup win left them with a domestic campaign only next term.

Staveley added: "Nobody wants a fresh team ready for the new season ready for the new season more than me, and we are doing everything we can to support our manager in achieving this.

"Mehrdad and I had a very productive working trip to Monaco with a potential sponsor, and we are looking ahead to the new season. We are United."