Amarillo singer Tony Christie to celebrate his 80th birthday in Eastleigh

Tony Christie <i>(Image: Tony Christie)</i>
Tony Christie (Image: Tony Christie)

INSTEAD of Amarillo, legendary singer Tony Christie will be heading to Eastleigh to celebrate his 80th birthday.

On May 18, The Concorde Club will be one of the stops on a nationwide tour to celebrate his milestone birthday.

And the international hitmaker will be showcasing his greatest hits including I Did What I Did For Maria, Walk Like A Panther, Las Vegas and the unforgettable (Is This The Way To) Amarillo, backed by his band.

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Tony’s chart breakthrough came in 1971, when ‘Las Vegas’, made the UK Top 30 followed by the chart-topping I Did What I Did for Maria.

Later in 1971 the now iconic (Is This The Way To) Amarillo’, written by Neil Sedaka, made its debut. Although it only made the lower reaches of the Top 20 in the UK, it was a global hit. In 2005, Amarillo was given a new lease of life when it soared to the top of the UK charts, staying there for seven weeks, after Peter Kay mimed to Tony’s record for the Comic Relief TV show.

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