Amateur woodworker 3D prints hammerhead shark and encases it in epoxy resin

This amateur woodworker filmed as he 3D printed a hammerhead shark before casting it in epoxy resin. The filmer based in Bordeaux, France, recorded the process as he encases the shark in epoxy resin and walnut wood. They told Newsflare: "I'm a maker specialized in woodworking, but as 3D printers are getting cheaper, I got one to extend my possibilities. "I really wanted to mix different mediums in one project, so I came up with this idea. "I printed a hammerhead shark that I sanded and painted, and glued it on the live edge of a piece of walnut. Then I poured clear epoxy resin on it and once cured, I sanded it using a very high grit and finished it with linseed oil to get a glass-like finish. "It looks like the shark is quietly swimming." This footage was filmed on March 20.