This Amazing App Lets You ‘See’ The Invisible Wi-Fi Signals That Surround You

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    Maybe useful when you're out camping etc. in the middle of nowhere, it could indicate what direction you have to go to get a signal on your phone.
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    Can you imagine all the different 'waves' the human body is bombarded by constantly? We have microwaves from cell towers, radio waves, satellites, etc. No wonder we are experiencing an increased frequency of cancer!!!
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    you can view the brain cancer waves
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    Can you say BS...
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    Who cares about the range and location of wi-fi hotspots? It's useless information, considering that most wi-fi networks require a password login. I'\m certainly not going to pay for access to useless information. My phone can provide that useless information for free, just without the fancy spherical visuals.
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    Now invent an app that let's you see the "who f*cking cares" wave coming from my mind!
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    Interesting, but really what use is it? I mean, it's not like you can just pack up and avoid Satellite Signals not matter where you go.
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    uuummm ok
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    Another way to waste my time instead of being active in any way threatening to people who put out apps like this.
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    too bad it only shows the registered ones and not the secret government ones or the alien waves. now that would be an app!