Amazing moment divers have up-close encounter with humpback whale off coast of Norway

A diver had an amazing 'all too close' encounter with a huge humpback whale after it surfaced just yards from him in search of an easy meal. Dan Senior was filming orca in Norway's Arctic region when the killer whales rounded up a huge bait ball of small fish - with the group of divers - inadvertently in the middle. The humpback surged towards them with its huge mouth gaping wide open before it scooped up the small fry and headed back down into the deep. Videographer Dan, 29, originally from Middlesborough, was in Skejvoy filming orcas when his group were ambushed by the hungry whale. He said: "Out of the six nights, three days I saw everything - and three days nothing. "This particular day, the orcas were hunting the herring, and they had scared the fish into a bait ball - easier for them to eat. "We didn’t realise we were in the bait until the last second when humpback whales started flying up from the depths with their mouths open." Dan, who is based in Bali, added: "I film sharks as my work, and got the chance came to go film some orcas with orca Norway. "I flew to Oslo and then it took three hours to get the Artic to then get on a bus to go another four hours to where the orcas have been seen." Despite being up close with the huge humpback and the killer whales, Dan said he wasn't scared at all and it was just another day in the office for him. He added: "I wasn’t scared. I was shocked we were in the middle of the bait ball. "I’d spent three days prior filming orcas so I was surprised when the humpbacks turned up it and I was buzzing."