Amazing pictures capture 100-strong elephant 'exodus' across state border

An astonishing elephant ‘exodus’ of 100 of the giant animals from one Indian state to another has been caught on camera.

Images of the peaceful pilgrimage show the herd of 90 adult and 10 baby elephants trying to cross a border between Odisha, in south-eastern India, and West Bengal, in eastern India.

The elephants are thought to be taking a regular route to reach the Nilagiri town in the Balasore district in the south of Odisha, beyond the jungles in the north-east of Odisha.

Exodus – officials have been appointed to watch the elephants’ movement (Pictures: SWNS) 

The area’s forest department has reportedly appointed several officials to watch their movement and avoid any damage or destruction by the beasts.

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But so far the gentle giants have apparently made their way along the state border of Odisha “very carefully” without damaging any crops or attacking villagers.

Pilgrimage – the herd of 90 adults and 10 babies are heading across the state border