Amazing scenes as superyacht SQUEEZES under bridges with 12CM CLEARANCE

Incredible footage show a superyacht seemingly scraping under low bridges - with 12cm clearance. Dutch shipbuilders Heesen were this month (Jan) tasked with transporting the 80m boat MY Galactica from its shed in Oss to the North Sea. The transit also saw the vessel, whose price is confidential, squeezing through river locks. Sara Gioanola, Heesen PR & Press Office Manager, says a voyage like this takes 3-4 months of preparation, with many permits and certificates required. She explains: “We are used to taking our boats to the North Sea via canals and rivers – we’ve been doing so for the past 40+ years. “After four years of construction, Heesen’s 80-metre all-aluminium Project Cosmos, now known as MY Galactica, left her shed in Oss last Friday and began her maiden voyage through the Dutch canals and rivers in perfect weather conditions. No Heesen has ever been so celebrated when leaving our shipyard. “Passing through the tight lock in Macharen on Saturday, with only 15 cm of clearance on each side, we had to wait for a calm day with no wind. Locks are not the only gateways we have to go through. We must also pass under many bridges, where clearance is particularly tight. Beforehand, we perform physical measurements. These are paramount, especially now that the river waters are higher than usual. “We did this at the Hedelse Spoorbrug near ‘s-Hertogenbosch and in Heusden at the Heusdensebrug. To perform these precise measurements, we gently pull the boat under the bridge to the exact point we must measure. We install a measuring device at the front of the sundeck, with the same height or dimensions of the highest point of the yacht. Afterwards, we determine our real time tolerances with a laser beam to the bridge, to ensure we pass underneath in the right amount of time. We are used to taking our boats to the North Sea via canals and rivers – we’ve been doing so for the past 40+ years. This is standard procedure with luxury yachts of this size when dealing with inland cruising. Waiting for the tide to fall is just ‘business as usual’. Galactica passed Heusden with 12 cm clearance.” Arthur Brouwer, Heesen CEO, adds: “Building large and complex superyachts is exciting, both from an engineering and construction perspective. We are incredibly fortunate to have the best naval architects, engineers, and craftsmen in the country to build our yachts. In spite of all the challenges imposed by the pandemic, we also managed to keep the construction of Project Cosmos, now known as MY Galactica, on schedule – which was no mean feat. Precision aluminium construction, high performance, and the finest Dutch craftsmanship are steeped into the DNA of this shipyard. Cosmos is the ultimate expression of our ability to build daring projects that stretch the imagination of its engineers and craftspeople.”