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What is Spikeball? What to know, how to play, and where to buy a set

Spikeball is a new-ish sport that refers to itself as "the love child between volleyball and four-square."

spikeball, four men playing spikeball on green and red soccer field, victoria day long weekend games
Spikeball is an "incredibly fun game'" to play with friends and family this Victoria Day long weekend (Photo via Getty)

You've seen it on the beach, you've passed it in the park, and now that warm weather has finally arrived, it's time to play it for yourself: that's right, we're talking about Spikeball. Along with pickleball, the game has become a popular choice while enjoying the outdoors, and it's an Amazon shopper-favourite for a reason.

What is Spikeball?

Spikeball is a new-ish sport that refers to itself as "the love child between volleyball and four-square." It's played two-on-two with a taut hula hoop-sized Spikeball net placed between teams.

To play, teams spike the ball down on the net to ricochet it back to their opponents. Like volleyball, players have up to three hits between them to control the ball and bounce it back off the net. When the other team misses the ball, your team gets a point.

Spikeball first made headlines back in 2015 when it aired on "Shark Tank." While the deal ultimately fell through, the sport grew to become a multi-million dollar phenomenon with players from around the world.

Spikeball Standard Ball Kit

Spikeball Game Set (3 Ball Kit) with mini trampoline, yellow balls and black bag (Photo via Amazon)
Spikeball Standard Ball Kit (Photo via Amazon)

$80 at Amazon

While errant dives and falls are bound to happen in any worthwhile game of Spikeball, the net's collapsible legs make the product tougher and less likely to break during an intense match. As a bonus, its foldable legs are easy to pack up, leaving more time to play at the end of the day.

The net is adjustable so that players can adapt the tightness to their skill level (more bounce for new players, less bounce for advanced players) and has built-in rim hooks for a more consistent bounce.

Why shoppers love it

With more than 6,000 reviews, it's no wonder the Spikeball set has become one of Amazon's best-selling outdoor games.

Shoppers call the family-friendly game "incredible" and say it's accessible for all levels of skill and athleticism.

It's an "incredibly fun game," according to one shopper, who says anyone they have ever played with "absolutely loved" it. You can "easily put hours into this" and "not get bored," they write.

Another shopper says that if you "like outdoor sports," Spikeball can't be beaten. They write you "cannot believe how fun" the game is. From snow to sand, it's "amazing."

three people on sandy beach playing spikeball
Spikeball Standard Ball Kit (Photo via Amazon)

$80 at Amazon

Whether you play with two, four or six players, Spikeball is "extremely versatile," writes one reviewer. It's a "great workout," but "more importantly, it's tons of fun," they note.

Despite thousands of five-star reviews, some Amazon shoppers call the set "too costly" for what it is.

For the price, the set should come with "at least two balls," writes one user.

The "kids enjoy playing it," but it's "definitely too expensive," echos another.

The verdict

With thousands of five-star reviews singing its praises, Amazon shoppers agree that Spikeball is a worthwhile backyard investment. Reviewers call the game "incredibly fun" and say it's a "great workout." However, several shoppers complain about Spikeball's $80 price tag and wish the set came with more balls.

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