Amazon locker invades UK shopping centre

Rik Henderson
Pocket-lint8 September 2011
Amazon locker invades UK shopping centre
Amazon Locker invades UK shopping centre

Amazon has started to roll out its customer collection lockers in the UK, with one unit already installed at One New Chance in London's City district. However, while power is clearly on, it currently isn't operable.

That didn't stop Pocket-lint from whizzing down there to get some exclusive snaps though, and checking out the wardrobe-like vending machine.

Amazon's lockers have been incredibly successful in the States already, where they are under trial in 7-Eleven stores in the Seattle area. They allow office workers to have their items delivered to shopping centres or other public and convenient locations, rather than having to wait for them at home. The items will then be stored in secure cubby holes, which can only be opened once the machine has scanned a relevant receipt.

It's clever stuff, although if they're situated in shopping centres, it makes you wonder why you don't just buy the items from the shops there. Plus, in London, you might find that you live further away from the lockers than your local Post Office sorting centre. Maybe that's just nitpicking though.

Amazon plans to install more lockers around London through a deal it has struck with Land Securities, who owns several shopping centres in the capital, including One New Chance. They are expected to be activated as early as next week.

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