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Only Amazon Prime members can score these 10 secret sales — save up to 50%

romper, pillows, water flosser, robot vacuum, projector
Being a Prime member has serious perks. (Photo: Amazon)

An Amazon Prime membership brings you a world of benefits: free two-day shipping and same-day delivery options, instant access to movies on Amazon Prime Video, pharmacy discounts and Whole Foods delivery. You probably already knew that. But did you know that as a Prime member, you also have special access to secret sales? Yup, an Amazon Prime membership affords you entry into a hidden section of Amazon, a hub of "Just for Prime" sales that span categories. This special section is home to some of the best deals you're ever likely to see on Amazon or anywhere else. Check out our current favorite markdowns in Amazon's Prime-only secret sale section below.

This cushy kitchen essential will keep your feet and legs comfy and supported during cooking marathons, while you're washing dishes and everything in between.
$24 at Amazon

"I bought these for the kitchen and they work perfectly," reported one satisfied customer. "They're really comfortable and the comfort lasts — they don't flatten out while standing to wash dishes or cook ... They are easy to clean and have held up well to everyday use. I would buy these again."

Movie night just got a whole lot more fun, thanks to this No. 1 bestselling mini projector that'll make you feel like you're in your very own theater. Its 200-inch projection literally allows you to watch your favorites on the "big screen."

Save $41 with coupon
$59 at Amazon

"We bought this projector to use for outdoor movie parties in the summer," wrote a five-star fan. "After much research, we knew brightness of the picture in an outside setting was an issue for other projectors. This projector works amazing and is a great value. The picture was super sharp, clear and bright. It was very easy to connect to DVD and Bluetooth speakers. The remote added additional options to make adjustments. The small size also makes it very easy to bring with us on vacations and when we get together with friends. Our movie nights are a success."

Why push a heavy vacuum around when this handy helper will clean your floors for you? At just 2.85-inches-high, it'll effortlessly glide under couches, beds and other hard-to-reach areas, has obstacle and drop sensors and automatically recharges when it needs more juice.

$140 at Amazon

"This may have saved our marriage," wrote a relieved reviewer. "It certainly made our house look a LOT better. It's like a cute little vacuuming pet, who incidentally picks up a ton of cat hair ... He does an awesome job of cleaning. We have him on a schedule, and every time I come home to a clean house ... It is AMAZING!"

Want to impress your dentist? This popular water flosser gently yet effectively cleans between your teeth for a fresher-feeling mouth. It comes with three replacement tips and pressure modes, and holds a charge for up to two weeks.

Save $12 with coupon
$23 at Amazon

"No cavities for me!" exclaimed a happy shopper. "This flosser is the perfect way to get the flossing in every day. The dentist let me know that I don’t have any cavities for the first time in three years! The only thing I have changed is adding this into my nighttime routine. Well worth the money. It has already paid for itself with no money spent on cavities!"

So long, fast food crumbs! This handheld vacuum effortlessly zaps up bits of dust and debris from the floor and seats of your car — or anywhere else — and it comes with brush and crevice attachments to target hair and small spaces.
$40 at Amazon

"I can't imagine a better vacuum cleaner than this one!" wrote a fan. "It's lightweight but the suction is very powerful. The brush head is perfect for cleaning the air vents, dashboard and seats. The long plastic tube can reach anywhere under the seats. I don't need to go to the car wash to vacuum my car anymore. So happy with my purchase. Highly recommended!"

This loose-fitting jumpsuit gets an A+ for comfort with its soft, stretchy cotton-blend fabric, lightweight feel and breathable design. Plus, it comes in 19 colors — from neutrals to brights — and has pockets! Wear it over a t-shirt or under a denim jacket — so cute no matter how you style it.

$35 at Amazon

"This jumpsuit/overalls outfit is SO flattering!" gushed a stylish shopper. "And it kept me cool (difficult since I have menopause hot flashes). And it is SO comfortable. I will buy other colors ASAP."

Pack up those bulky winter linens in these roomy storage bags, which will keep everything nice and organized until next season. They're spacious enough to fit everything from comforters to puffer coats, and their see-through design means you won't forget what's in each one!

$23 at Amazon

"This was the second set of 6 I've purchased, and we absolutely love them," wrote a repeat buyer. "They're wonderful storage, and negate the need for as many moving boxes when packing. I appreciate being able to see what's inside, whether it's two thick, king-sized comforters, hand-me-down clothes waiting for the youngest's next growth spurt or my yarn stash. They stack beautifully. I already know I'll be buying more."

Listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks the way they were meant to be heard via these lightweight, noise-canceling earbuds. They can go up to eight hours on a single charge and easily pair with your phone via Bluetooth.
$24 at Amazon

"Good quality," said a satisfied shopper. "These earbuds came fully charged. They fit very similarly to the Apple AirPods. Surprisingly, the sound quality rivals that of the AirPods. I am glad I purchased these."

You'll feel like you're sleeping in a hotel bed with these cooling pillows, thanks to their smooth, breathable fabric, fluffy feel and firm, yet comfy, support.

$20 at Amazon

"These pillows are amazing, literally feels like hotel pillows," shared an impressed customer. "The material is so perfect. It’s cool, comforting, very nice stitching, very soft and comfortable. They are amazing, I slept so [well] with these pillows. I ordered two sets. 100% recommend."

This handy appliance lets you enjoy your favorite crispy foods with up to 80% less oil. It has seven easy-breezy cooking presets and its roomy basket can fit enough food for 6-8 people!

Save $20 with coupon
$70 at Amazon

"We love our air fryer!" announced a happy home cook. "We first started our air fryer journey a few months ago, and although we loved it, it was way too small. I decided to find a new one, and after reading the reviews, came across this one. Wow! The basket was huge! Perfect for our family of four. I can air fry an entire 2-pound bag of fries at one time. They turn out crispy and delicious every time! Our wings have turned out perfectly every time as well, too. I’m excited to try more and more things! Goodbye, grease!"

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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