Psst... Amazon has a secret coupon page, and it's full of amazing hidden sales

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With Amazon's secret coupons, you can score amazing deals on small appliances, personal tech and much, much more. (Photo: Amazon)

Super-savvy old-school coupon clippers can make an art form out of saving money. And though you may think online shopping doesn't quite allow for the same form of self-expression, you'd be wrong. At least when it comes to Amazon.

If you're into coupons, there's one place on Amazon you can go to access a bounty of them. It's just like thumbing through the newspaper in olden times. You can see what coupons are available, search for coupons from your favorite brands, and generally revel in the thrill of saving.

Amazon's secret page of coupons is available to you anytime. Just click this link, and get a load of the categories list on the left column.

How it works

On this special secret page, Amazon offers up various discounts on things like tools, pet supplies, electronics and fashion. You can "clip" (aka "click") the coupons of your choice, and the items are added to your cart for purchase — the discount is applied when you check out, now or later. Don't worry if you don't see the discount in your cart right away — it will show up at checkout.

You can also use the search bar on the coupons page to hunt down coupons for brands you like. Above the list of categories on the left side, click "your coupons" to view all of coupons you've clipped; this is a great tool for comparing discounts.

The 'Sort By' drop-down menu can show various groupings: coupons offering the biggest savings; coupons based on expiration date; and the most popular "couponed" items.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? Well, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. (And, of course, even those without Prime get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Details, details

  • Coupons are only eligible for one item, which means if you buy three identical air purifiers, only one will receive the discount shown on the coupon.

  • New coupon offers are constantly being added, so check the page regularly for up-to-date savings.

  • Although you don't have to use your coupons immediately, there is an expiration date for each, so if you find something you want, best to get it sooner rather than later.

  • If you return an item bought with a coupon, the amount you saved might be subtracted from the return credit.

  • You can share a coupon on social media or via email, so if you find a discount your friend will love, send it their way (it won’t take away your ability to use the same one).

Head on over to Amazon's "secret" coupon page and scope out a slew of savings. But first have a gander at these products we plucked from the latest listings. Holidays, here we come. Happy shopping!

Best Home Coupon

Save $6: Deconovo Grommet Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Blackout Curtains
These stylish blackout curtains have over 37,000 five-star ratings on Amazon! (Photo: Amazon)

If you want a pair of curtains that’ll help you sleep in a little longer, look no further. The Deconovo Grommet Blackout Curtains are thermal insulated to block out sunlight, reduce outside noise plus they can also insulate against summer heat and winter cold. They’re stylish to boot, with an elegant and smooth fabric that comes in 29 different colors. With over 37,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, it looks like plenty of people love them too.

“These are TRUE blackout curtains!!!” raved one shopper. “FINALLY I found some curtains that you truly cannot see through. This is (almost) exactly what I was looking for! [...] These really don't let ANY light through, they're fantastic for both my office, where I have to do minute color adjustments on architectural illustrations on my computer monitor AND my bedroom, where the nearby train station's blinding lights keep me up all night unless I wear one of those sleeping blindfolds, which are really uncomfortable.”

$14 with on-page coupon $20 at Amazon

Best Kitchen Coupon

Save $11: Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker
This slow cooker comes with a lid latch so you can bring it to all of your parties! (Photo: Amazon)

Slow cookers are great for those who like to plan ahead for dinner; simply toss in all your ingredients in the morning, turn it on, and your food will be ready and waiting by the end of the day. This Hamilton Beach model is particularly special because it comes with a lid latch strap, making it easy to transport to tailgate cookouts or family potlucks. Plus, it’s programmable, so you can customize the cooking preferences for each meal.

One reviewer said it makes dinner super easy: “To begin with, this slow cooker would be perfect for a large family or weekly meal prepper. This product can make preparing dinner a stress free process due to its large size and ease of usage. A weekly meal prepper can make a week’s worth of lunches and dinners in a few hours with minimal preparation [...] All slow cookers cook, but when this one is done cooking, it automatically switches to warm. This feature is amazing for anyone who appreciates a hot meal with minimal effort when they return home...”

$46 with on-page coupon $57 at Amazon

Best Smart Home Coupon

Save $3: BN-LINK WiFi Heavy Duty Smart Plug Outlet, 2 pack

BN-LINK smart outlet
These outlets will turn any appliance into a "smart" one! (Photo: Amazon)

One of the easiest ways to smarten up your home? Snap up a smart outlet like this one from BN-LINK. Just plug an appliance into it, and you can now control it with your voice! Plus, you can control it remotely from anywhere in the world by using the app. There’s smart scheduling as well, so you can set a timer on to turn them on or off at certain times of the day.

“These are AMAZING!!” raved a reviewer. “I enjoy voice control via Alexa a lot. These outlets are very easy to setup and connect to Alexa. The Smart Life app itself is also great. Very easy to use and there are plenty of cool settings and functions to play with and look up, like the electrical quantity management that shows you all the details about the power used through each outlet..."

$15.30 with on-page coupon $18 at Amazon

Best Tech Coupon

Save $9: Majority Bowfell Small Soundbar

Majority Bowfell Small Soundbar
The Majority Bowfell Small Soundbar is great for small or big TVs alike. (Photo: Amazon)

Most televisions these days are too thin to deliver quality audio. But soundbars can also be very expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars. The Majority Bowfell Small Soundbar, however, is a steal at just $36, down from $45. Compatible with most televisions, it's super-slim and has a built-in subwoofer.

“We purchased a small TV that has terrible sound quality, so I figured I would try this inexpensive soundbar,” wrote one reviewer. “I did not expect much because of the low price, yet I was pleasantly surprised. The item was very well packaged and came with everything you could possibly need including all possible connection cables, even the optical cable...The remote even has pass-through capability so you don't need to use two different remotes to turn off the TV and the soundbar. The Bluetooth capability is another bonus.”

$36 with on-page coupon $45 at Amazon

Best Electronics Coupon

Save $3: MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones
Nighty night. (Photo: Amazon)

For listening to music or an audiobook while lying in bed, you need these Musicozy Sleep Headphones. They’re much more comfortable than in-ear buds, especially when lying on your side. They’re also useful for travel, working out, running and so much more!

One Amazon snoozer said: "...I can turn my head on either side with total comfort. The sound is also great and comparable to my regular bluetooth sport headphones...This is a great investment and I look forward to sleeping with this on every night. I am going to be the best version of myself in a few weeks’ time.😇"

$17 with on-page coupon $20 at Amazon

Best Personal Care Coupon

Save $110: TOLOCO Massage Gun

TOLOCO Massage Gun
Massage your aches away with this TOLOCO massage gun! (Photo: Amazon)

Tense? The powerful TOLOCO percussive massage gun relieves muscle aches in a snap.

It sports 20 speed levels and 10 replaceable massage heads to get into all those nooks and crannies.

“This is a great handheld massager,” wrote one reviewer. “...So now everyone wants to try it. My 13 year old son plays sports and he wanted to try it. He loved it. My daughter and son in law were visiting. They tried it. Everybody got a turn or two. This went on for a few hours. I expected the battery to be drained. Nope. The battery charge holds up great. So far so good. I finally got something to relieve my stiffness and pain. And now my daughter knows what she's getting her husband for his upcoming birthday. Lol.”

$90 with on-page coupon $200 at Amazon

Best Fashion Coupon

Save $3: ZESICA Women’s Cardigan

ZESICA Cardigan
Meet your new favorite cardi. (Photo: Amazon)

Everyone needs a good, reliable cardigan that looks great and feels even better. This beauty from Zesica is a fantastic option! It comes in eight different colors, and is loose fitting with an open front. It pairs well with t-shirts, dresses, blouses and more.

It just might be your new favorite travel companion. “This cardigan sweater is nice,” said one shopper. “It is thin, so works well when you don’t want a heavy thick sweater. I wore it on a trip to California. Moreso on the plane ride and worked well..."

$38 with on-page coupon $41 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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