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This powerful, reliable laptop is an unbelievable $310 — that's nearly 80% off

What is it?

The Sgin brand has been around since 2007, quietly producing quality notebooks and laptops and establishing itself as an under-sung but reliable option. Though the laptops tend to be budget-friendly, the internal components are sourced from reputable manufacturers. Sgin even offers a one-year warranty on all purchases, should you experience any malfunctions.

One model, the Sgin 15.6-inch laptop, is so great you need to see it to believe it, especially since it's currently down to $310 (with coupon) from its usual price of $1,400. That's more than $1,000 off! This baby punches well above its weight class with 12GB of RAM and a 512GB internal drive that meets or beats most other laptops in this price range in terms of power and capacity. It's everything you need to work from home and keep your boss impressed.

This laptop boasts up to eight hours of battery life and greatly improved airflow, thanks to a better-designed chassis and new fans capable of driving a tremendous amount of air away from the system. 

Save $1,090 with coupon
$310 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Saving $1,090 on a laptop is usually a pretty great deal in any circumstance, but this one is a particularly notable sale. It's over 75% off, and hasn't been on sale much lately. Snag this for a steal!

Why do I need this?

Despite the amount of power packed into this laptop, it has a thin shell and weighs just 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg). You can easily slip it into a tote bag for working on the go, and thanks to its ports, you can connect accessories to suit your personal workflow, such as a mouse or keyboard.

One feature that caught our attention was the 2.9GHz processor driving the entire machine. That makes it snappy for most tasks.

This is a fantastic deal on a laptop with this level of power. Despite these specs, it is not made for hardcore gaming. It utilizes onboard graphics instead of a dedicated graphics card, so while it can handle a few non-demanding games, you won't be able to play something like Cyberpunk 2077 on this.

Aside from gaming, the multiple ports allow for a lot of versatility in workspace setup, while the impressive amount of RAM, internal storage and processor speed make it a more powerful option than almost anything else you'll find at this price.

Sgin laptop
This Sgin laptop packs a surprising amount of power into a small frame, all at a great price. And don't forget to click the coupon for even more savings. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say

"This laptop has satisfied and exceeded my expectations" said one five-star fan. It not only does simple tasks like answering e-mails and looking up stock quotes, but it has been a vital piece of equipment for my children, who play and animate video games for hours on it. With its sleek, slim design and lightweight carry, it goes everywhere we go. It came ready-to-go straight from the box and the kids couldn’t be happier!

"Great laptop!" echoed another fan. "We got this for our son heading off to college. He is able to use it for everything — schoolwork, office, browsing and FaceTiming. VERY happy with its performance, look and great battery life! Definitely recommend!"

"This laptop is excellent value!" raved one shopper. "I mainly use it for email, browsing the web, YouTube and various Google applications for work, and it's doing all of those things smoothly and quickly! It's also very lightweight so I don't have to worry about it weighing me down (I was using a 2011 MacBook, which was like hauling around a couple of bricks!)."

One shopper said, "It's an excellent laptop, has excellent graphics, and runs smoothly. The laptop also has a large screen which is very nice. The only downside I've noticed is how small the battery is, especially if you're on a Zoom call, but other than that it is a perfect laptop for school and personal entertainment. I've recommended it to a classmate and friend of mine."

Despite it's manageable size, this thing is packed with power. Grab it while it's majorly on sale.

Save $1,090 with coupon
$310 at Amazon

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