Amazon urges thousands of Prime members to 'go on your homepage now'

Amazon customers can get cheap Odeon cinema tickets, it has emerged. Facebook users on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group say, if you’re a Prime member, you can get two Odeon tickets for £10, once a month, or recliner tickets for £15 at Odeon Luxe This deal is available Monday to Thursday.

Go on your Amazon home page and at top click Prime. Only available if you are a Prime member," a social media user said. On its website, Amazon explained: "Immerse yourself in the big screen experience with 2 standard tickets for £10 at ODEON, or 2 recliner tickets for £15 at ODEON Luxe.

"This offer is available Monday through Thursday and can be used once per month." It says: "Prime members are eligible to purchase ODEON tickets at a discounted rate of two standard tickets for £10 at ODEON cinemas (€10 in Ireland), or two recliner tickets for £15 at ODEON Luxe cinemas.

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"The offer is redeemable by Prime members once per month, for screenings Monday through Thursday. This offer is valid for a limited time, and may expire at Amazon’s discretion." The discount is only available to current Prime members.

"Sign up to Prime to experience everything Prime has to offer, including exclusive shopping, savings, and entertainment benefits," the US retail giant says. The offer is redeemable once per month per Prime member. Once you have used this offer, you will not see a code on this page for the remainder of that calendar month.

Amazon adds: "Come back any time next month to get a new Prime offer code." The Prime offer code refreshes every 30 minutes. You can see the remaining minutes right next to the code on this page. If you try to redeem your code on the ODEON site after the 30 minute validity period, the code will not work and you will see an error message.