Amazon wants to help you at work, Intel and Warner Bros. team up, Jeep Wrangler to make deadline

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Alexa wants to be hired as your next assistant. Amazon’s (AMZN) latest service, Alexa for Business, will schedule meetings, make calls and enter data. Amazon is expected to announce the service today at its annual Invent conference.

Intel (INTC) is stepping up its game in the self-driving car business. The tech giant is teaming up with Warner Brothers (TWX) to turn a self-driving car into an entertainment vehicle. Intel’s CEO believes that soon, people in driverless cars will want something to do like watch movies or play games while commuting.

Jeep (FCAU) is getting a major update for the first time in years. Fiat says the latest Jeep Wrangler will meet US carbon dioxide emissions rules well into the 2020s. Along with being 200 pounds lighter, the 2018 version will be available as a hybrid.

A trustee in the Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy case is done playing games. Judy Robbins has filed an objection to the company’s plan to pay bonuses of $16 million and $32 million to its 17 most highly paid executives. Robbins argues incentive pay “defies logic” when the company started the year with hundreds of layoffs. Toys ‘R’ Us says motivating its top employees is key to turning the business around.