Amazon's pre–Memorial Day weekend sale is here — shop the best deals, starting at just $3

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Get ready for summer with the biggest deals on Amazon this weekend! (Photo: Getty)
Get ready for summer with the biggest deals on Amazon this weekend! (Photo: Getty)

Getting ready for the beginning of summer? So is Amazon, because they dropped an awesome weekend sale that features many of the best pre–Memorial Day deals out there! Wouldn't it be a good idea to get to shopping now while the sales are still fresh?

Yeah, we thought so, too. That's why we've collected some of the hottest savings across Amazon, from entertainment essentials to outdoor necessities. Use it as your own customized shopping list, and start your summer with a splash — and some savings!

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Your endless summer of steals begins below:

TVs and home theater

Flat screen TV showing streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, etc.
Savings and quality that's absolute fire. (Photo: Amazon)

Looking to upgrade your entertainment setup? Start with a perfect big-screen centerpiece The Amazon Fire TV 55-inch Omni Series 4K Smart TV comes with built-in Fire TV, which lets you connect to your go-to streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more. The entire line is for sale now, but our pick is the 55-inch model, marked down to $370 — a whopping 34% off the original $560!

The Omni Series delivers a crisp picture, vivid colors and top-notch audio, along with a built-in microphone on its remote that lets you say things like, “Alexa, play something on Netflix” so you can discover a new film or show selected just for you. You can also ask it to check the sports scores, set timers and reminders and more — even when the set is off.

“This TV is amazing!” said one shopper. “First time for me stepping out from Sony or Samsung. I'm blown away by this TV's picture. The setup was easy.... I'm still learning about Alexa, but it picks up my voice really well and from a distance...Love this TV!!!”

undefined at Amazon

A black TV sound bar with a black remote
Go big and go home with the Wohome. (Photo: Amazon)

Now that you've got your new set sorted, how about a great soundbar to turbo-charge your home-theater audio? To wit: the Wohome TV Soundbar, an excellent option that’s on sale for an all-time low price of $90 with an on-page coupon, down from $110. The Wohome soundbar turns out robust, crystal clear audio with deep bass. It features two 3-inch speakers and has 80 watts of power behind its audio output — compared to the measly 5-to-10-watt speakers that likely came with your TV.

It's got quite the fan club, earning five-star raves from nearly 1,600 Amazon shoppers. “Wow, I'm very impressed with the quality of this soundbar at a sub-$100 price point. It blows my TV speakers out of the water and actually sounds better than my older $150, 2.1 channel LG soundbar,” wrote a delighted five-star reviewer. “For what I was looking to achieve — great sound in my work office — this is pretty impressive. It's also nicely designed.”

undefined at Amazon

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Headphones and earbuds

Black wireless ear buds in a black charging case
A whole world of pristine audio in each little bud. (Photo: Amazon)

We know some earbuds buds cost a pretty penny. But that's not the only way to go: We just found a deal too good to pass up! Tozo T6 Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds have almost 138,000 five-star reviews over at Amazon, and if that doesn’t grab your attention, this should: They’re on sale for a ridiculous $23 with on-page coupon right now (that's down from a still-pretty-good $60)!

You can expect superior audio quality, of course, courtesy of 6mm speaker drivers that produce cirsp, powerful sound and heart-thumping bass. Trust us — these earbuds sound way better than the ones that came with your phone! They're also ideal for sweating it out in the gym, thanks to their IPX8 Waterproof Nano-coating that efficiently protects the earbuds and charging case from water damage.

"These headphones are literally fantastic. I am a professional musician, and these have an incredibly clear sound quality and really high-end parts," shared a satisfied music lover. "The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case, which is a great feature.... Really high-end headphones for an amazingly good price..."

undefined at Amazon

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Tablets and tech

A white laptop with screen showing a mountain vista
Don't you love it when $60 in savings just falls into your...lap? (Photo: Amazon)

Staying productive and entertained wherever you go has never been easier thanks to the HP 14 Laptop, which you can score for 23 percent off this weekend! Performance, power consumption, and value come together in the HP 14, which delivers the highest resolution games and movies with the 4K-ready Intel UHD Graphics 600. Store more of what you love and multitask faster — even with multiple windows open — with its 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. Oh, and with up to 11 hours and 30 minutes of power per charge, your battery-life worries will be over.

"It looks just like pictures. It perfect for my circuit crafting projects and more. The quality is great! I'm happy with my purchase. Great battery life. It was worth every penny!!!!!!" gushed one five-star reviewer.

undefined at Amazon

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2 black video game controllers framing a smartphone
Stop phoning it in: Up your on-the-go gaming with this genius gadget. (Photo: Amazon)

Admit it, we all play games on our phones. But not every game is a great experience via a touchscreen. Well, Razer’s Kishi controller is the perfect solution! It’s basically a gamepad that fits around your mobile device, adding buttons, joysticks and shoulder controls. And it connects via your phone's charging port, so there's no risk of a dropped Bluetooth connection in the middle of a fierce match. The Kishi even works with games from services like Google Stadia and Amazon’s own Luna.

And now, you can snag the Kishi from Amazon for an awesome 28 percent off for iPhone and 50 percent off for Android! Make sure you buy the right one for your particular phone — Android devices and iPhones use different connectors. You can also pick up other Razer Gaming deals, like a gaming mouse or headset, while they're on sale.

This gamer summed up all of the pros of the Kishi, saying, "The gaming experience is excellent.... It truly feels like a Nintendo Switch with the console-quality controls.... If you are looking for a compact, solid console-quality gaming controller, look no further. The Kishi has exceeded all of my expectations so far."

undefined at Amazon

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Smart home

2 white smart home plugs plugged into a wall outlet
Keep your casa running smoothly with Kasa. (Photo: Amazon)

Smart plugs are simply the best for maximizing your home's energy efficiency. If you want to get in on this "smart" revolution, pick up the Kasa HS103P2 Smart Plug 2-pack — on sale now for $14 with on-page coupon (down from $20).

With the Kasa smart plugs you can turn electronics on and off from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa app, whether you are at home, in the office or vacationing on the other side of the world. Easy setup means you can just plug in, open the Kasa app, follow the simple instructions and enjoy! "PERFECT! Easy setup...Quick connect, and because Alexa already had my Kasa app skill, immediate recognition. Needless to say, I'm super happy!" raved one reviewer.

undefined at Amazon

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A black robot vacuum with a phone next to it reading
This Roomba is the house-cleaning dance partner you've been waiting for. (Photo: Amazon)

Keep your home clean without lifting a finger, thanks to the iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum, on sale this weekend for 33 percent off! Schedule it to clean up daily dirt, dust and debris with the app or a voice assistant. A full suite of advanced sensors allow this Roomba to navigate under and around furniture and along edges, with a "Cliff Detect" to keep it from falling down stairs. Coolest of all, it'll learn from your cleaning habits to offer up customized schedules and even suggest extra cleanings when the pollen count is high or during pet-shedding season!

One satisfied customer said, "This product is revolutionary! This little robot goes under my furniture, climbs the threshold between rooms, does a fantastic job cleaning my many rugs.... With the app, I can start it even when I'm not at home (or scheduled it in advance) to come back to a clean home without experiencing the noise...a must-have for any household."

undefined at Amazon

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A black and silver air fryer/pressure cooker with black lid and LED screen on the front
A Foodi to satisfy the most devoted foodie. (Photo: Amazon)

Cooking for a crew this summer? Make it easier with the Ninja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe XL 8-quart. Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer, which you can score for a hot 36 percent off this weekend! The FD401 allows you to utilize 12 programmable cooking functions to Pressure Cook, Air Fry/Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake, Roast, Broil, Dehydrate, Sous Vide and Keep Warm. So, basically, just about anything you'd need to create the perfect meal!

It has a ton of fans on Amazon too, as in over 26,000 five-star ratings. "This thing does everything except open my garage door," gushed one happy home cook. "I like the fact that I can just place the ingredients inside and walk away while I continue to conduct my life and I'm assured of perfect results nearly every time.... Technically, I can prepare an entire meal with the push of one button. Only one pot to wash, plus a couple of plates and stuff. What's not to like about that?" What, indeed?

undefined at Amazon

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A pump bottle of shampoo with yellow label reading
The mane thing: Thicken up hair with the power of Biotin. (Photo: Amazon)

Hair feeling a little..."sparse" on top? It may be time for an anti-thinning shampoo. Try out the Pura d'Or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo, on sale now for $30 (down from $40). The formula consists of 17 active herbal ingredients, including nettle extract, saw palmetto and argan oil, to name a few. It also includes biotin, an essential nutrient that helps promote thickness, and niacin, which helps to improve scalp health.

“This shampoo has changed my life,” raved a happy customer. “My hair was falling out at a rate of 100-plus hairs in the shower, and after about a month or two of use (it's been about four months now), I only lose 10- to-30-ish in the shower. Yay! My hairdresser said my hair looked thick. Also smells amazing and makes your hair soft.”

undefined at Amazon

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A teal monokini with black straps on the top and in the midsection
Bikini style with one-piece coverage. Sounds like a plan! (Photo: Amazon)

Has your hunt for the ultimate flattering summer swimsuit begun? We're about to end it for you: the Amazon-favorite Hilor Women's Crossover Monokini Swimsuit is on sale now from $29 now (down from $45), so get a move on!

This cute little number is special for a few reasons — it's one of those brilliantly designed items that uses optical trickery to make every body look its best. With strategically placed sheer mesh stripes and design that shows off shoulders and collarbones, it deserves a place in the lightly populated pantheon of flattering-for-everyone swimwear. “After four kids and four C-sections, finding a swimsuit I feel comfortable in is a nightmare!” one now-happy mom reported. “I am not quite plus-sized, but in the middle of regular and plus size, with extra mom pooch in the middle. This suit makes me feel AMAZING. I have not felt excited to put a swimsuit on since high school, and this suit makes me pumped! It fits perfect and is SO comfortable.”

undefined at Amazon

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Bedding & home

Grey sheets and pillows on a cozy looking bed with night tables on either side
Hot and bothered? Sleep cozy and cool, every single night. (Photo: Amazon)

Looking for the perfect linens to make your bed an oasis of coziness? The mega-popular Danjor sheets sets are made from moisture-wicking microfiber to keep you comfortable all year long. What makes these sheets even more impressive is the price: A six-piece queen-size set is on sale in select colors from just $20 with on-page coupon (down from $40)! You can snag king set from only $24 with coupon (down from $40).

The sheets are super soft thanks to 1,800-thread count microfiber fabric, giving you a silky hotel-bed feel every time you slip between them. A nice perk: They're also moisture-resistant and cooling, just in case you tend to get a little warm in bed. Danjor sheet sets have a huge fanbase, with almost 92,000 perfect reviews at Amazon. "Exactly what I needed. Perfect fit, softness, washes beautifully and a dream to sleep on. Extra pillowcases were a nice bonus. The fitted sheet is deep enough it does not slide off the mattress and is easily put on the mattress without a tug of war," one happy customer said. "The sheets look very nice, not a wrinkled mess after a night's sleep. Definitely worth another purchase when I need sheets."

undefined at Amazon

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Health & wellness

A black air purifier reading
Get hip to this HEPA-driven purifier and make impurities and summer allergens a thing of the past. (Photo: Amazon)

It’s the time of year when pollen and other allergens start to creep into the house, making it difficult to breathe. You don’t have to suffer and endure the watery eyes and sneezing that these airborne contaminants cause — instead, consider the Toppin HEPA Air Purifier to remove allergens from your home! You can get it now for 30 percent off with the coupon code PURIFY01, plus an additional 10 percent off using Amazon's on-page coupon.

The Toppin HEPA Air Purifier utilizes a HEPA filter with a UV light to remove 95 percent of air contaminants, leaving you fresh air to breathe...or, if you prefer, a lingering sweet aroma throughout the house. This air purifier features a fragrance sponge for adding essential oils, which will diffuse fragrant goodness around any space. The additional blue night light feature further provides a warm glow to set the mood for a relaxing aromatherapy experience. "Very happy with this product! It definitely cleans the air and helps tremendously if you have pets," shared one reviewer. "We ordered a second one because we are so pleased with the first."

undefined at Amazon

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Lawn & garden

A black bug zapper with blue light glowing on the inside of the frame
No one wants an insect invasion at their backyard barbecue — give them another kind of grilling. (Photo: Amazon)

Make summer nights even sweeter and nip pesky mosquitoes in the bud with the Gtocs Outdoor Electric Bug Zapper, on sale this weekend for $34 (was $50)! It uses a 2-in-1 15W bulb and 4200V power grid to eliminate mosquitoes, bugs, flies and moths, so you can enjoy your backyard, porch or patio without any annoying insectoid interruptions.

"This bug zapper is awesome. It comes fully assembled. All you have to do is remove it from the box and plug in," noted one five-star reviewer. "With this zapper the gnats are taken care of as soon as they show up. Not only that, but we live in the South where mosquitoes are brutal. After seeing how it performed inside we purchased another to go outside at our firepit. 100% would (and have) recommend this product! For the price, you can’t beat the performance!"

undefined at Amazon

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