Amazon's flagship Fire Max 11 tablets get Black Friday price cuts

amazon fire max 11 tablet
Amazon Fire Max 11 gets Black Friday price cutAmazon

Amazon's Fire Max 11 tablet has received a Black Friday price cut.

The tablet was added to the global retailer's Fire tablet family back in May, priced from £249.99, but is now available from just £134.99, a reduction of 46%.

In terms of specs, the Fire Max 11 has, as you'd expect from the name, an 11-inch screen with 2000 x 1200 resolution.

It has a grey exterior, and it's got 8MP cameras to the front and rear for video calling, a 2.2Ghz octa-core processor, WiFi 6 connectivity and 4GB RAM.

The Fire Max 11 is Dolby Atmos ready, and it's also the first of Amazon's Fire tablets to include fingerprint recognition tech.

Upon release, Amazon said the Fire Max 11 was close to 50% faster than its next fastest tablet, and customers can expect up to 14 hours of battery life.

amazon fire max 11 tablet

Shop Fire Max 11 tablet at Amazon

There are 64GB and 128GB storage options – pricing varies depending on the storage capacity and whether you would like the 'with ads' or 'without ads' option – and, of course, it's Alexa-ready, including 'Show Mode' to mimic the Echo Show's functionality.

The Fire Max 11 is priced from £134.99 in the UK for the 64GB edition with ads and from £174.99 for the 128GB edition with ads.

amazon fire max 11 tablet

It can also be purchased as part of a 'Productivity Bundle' with pricing starting from £234.97 for the 64GB tablet with ads, a keyboard case with a full-size magnetic keyboard (£64.99) and a stylus pen (£34.99).

A slimline cover/stand for the new Fire Max 11 tablet can also be purchased separately, priced at £49.99 and available in black, blue or amethyst (purple).

Amazon also have plenty of other Black Friday deals, including on items such as the Echo Dot Kids and Fire TV Stick.

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