Amber Gill receives death threats after calling out Luca Bish

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Former Love Island champion Amber Gill says she’s received death threats after calling out Luca Bish for his behaviour on the ITV show.

The 24-year-old reality star, who won the series in 2019, became embroiled in an online feud after Luca’s sister responded to Amber on her live social media video.

Amber, who has been keeping up with the latest series, had earlier branded Bish “public enemy number one”.

In his defence, Luca’s sister Claudia Bish seemingly hit out Gill on Instagram.

However, the interaction resulted in Gill receiving death threats on social media from disgruntled followers.

“Luca’s sister came on my live?? I don’t why cos I’d say exactly the same regardless of anything. I’d say it to his face too xxx,” Gill wrote on Twitter about the incident.

Amber called Luca Bish “public enemy number one” (ITV)
Amber called Luca Bish “public enemy number one” (ITV)

She added: “It was really sad because after her comments on my live, people started sending me death threats so it’s just a vicious circle you can’t control crazy people wanting to hate.

“I understand she’s upset and I hate that but all my tweets are comedy only.”

Later she responded to another comment on Twitter.

She said: “I gave his family no stick. She came onto my live when I wasn’t even talking about love island. They shouldn’t look at my tweets as it’s all hyperbole that’s my sense of humour I don’t genuinely dislike anyone on the show and it’s never that deep.”

Luca is currently coupled up with Gemma Owen on the ITV dating show, however the 23-year-old fishmonger has faced criticism over his recent behaviour in the villa.

Most recently, Luca pied Tasha in the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge before later apologising to his co-star.

Gemma’s mum appears to have since weighed in on what was happening in the villa.

She wrote on social media: “I hope Tasha is ok, I feel it’s close to bullying now which is so sad to see.”

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