Amber Rose And Mario Falcone Both Totally Nailed #ThrowbackThursday

You know how we crowned Joey Essex the unofficial king of throwbacks yesterday, when he shared an old photo of himself doing an impression of our fifth birthday hedgehog cake?

Well, we might have to take that crown back and split it into many pieces á la Mean Girls’ Cady Heron, because Amber Rose and Joey’s ex-TOWIE castmate Mario Falcone have come along and pretty much stolen his thunder.



Let’s start with Amber, 31, who’s actually posted not one, but two throwback photos this week.

The first is from when she was pregnant with adorable son Sebastian, two, who she had with Wiz Khalifa. She captioned the photo: “#TBT 9 Months Preggos with Sebastian. I was due any day.”

However, she then posted THIS, proving that even celebs went through both the less-than-perfect teeth stage, and that awkward stage when everyone’s parents decides they’re qualified hairdressers.


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We hate to break it to you mum, but the ‘straight’ fringe you once gave us which actually had a 90% gradient from left to right suggests otherwise.

Sharing her own, er, interesting fringe on Instagram, top babe Amber wrote: “#TBT Don’t laugh either.

“Hey kids if u feel like a ugly duckling don’t fret just look at this picture of me as a kid and know there’s hope for all of us Lol. #DemLasersDoe #ButDemTeefGrewInNice.”

But it wasn’t just Amber posting the ULTIMATE throwback snap on Thursday, with Giovanna Fletcher also treating her followers to this beaut:


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All-in-all, this is a really lovely photo of Giovanna and her family, but we HAVE to talk about brother Mario Falcone’s hair.

We’re not sure if he’d accidentally stuck his finger in an electric socket, or whether someone had sneakily covered his hair in metal and held a magnetic above his head while this was being taken, but either way, it looks phenomenal.

Good work, celebsville.

If you haven’t seen Joey’s throwback effort, here it is once again:


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You’re welcome.