Amber Rose Slams Ex Kanye West Saying He Bullied Her for Years

Talk-show host, model, and actress Amber Rose is opening up about just how tumultuous her relationship with rapper Kanye West really was.

In an episode of Everyday Struggle, Rose dishes on how she has always taken the high road (even with West) and that it was six or seven years of bullying that pushed her over the edge and made her clap back when West posted a now-deleted tweet about her son, Sebastian.

Rose defends herself by saying, “I’ve never cheated on any of my boyfriends, I’ve never [gone] behind their backs, and I still have never said anything mean about Kanye.”

In the interview, Rose also talks about her experience following West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is partially about their relationship and breakup.

She says the exposure that resulted from the album put a target on her back. Rose felt powerless to combat such a huge voice like West’s, and as a result she couldn’t speak up for herself. Rose details how being under that spotlight was absolutely unbearable and admits had it not been for her strength, she would not be alive today.

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