American 'insult comic' Don Rickles dies aged 90 from kidney failure

Ben Travis
Insult comic: Don Rickles has passed away aged 90: Kevin Winter/Getty

Don Rickles has died at age 90, his publicist has confirmed.

The American comedian passed away at his Los Angeles home from liver failure.

Rickles was known as an insult comic, and also acted in films including Martin Scorsese’s Casino and submarine drama Run Silent Run Deep.

He also had late career success voicing Mr Potato Head in the beloved Pixar trilogy Toy Story.

The controversial comic was known for his legendary celebrity roasts, where he mercilessly mocked the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Ronald Reagan.

His career breakthrough came on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1965, and went on to have success in headline shows in Vegas.

Rickles became known as an ‘honorary member’ of the Rat Pack alongside Sinatra and Martin through the 1960s.

Celebrities including Jim Carrey, Jimmy Kimmel, Billy Crystal and Billy Eichner have taken to Twitter to share tributes to Rickles.

Rickles is survived by his wife Barbara, who he was married to for 52 years, as well has his son, daughter, and two grandchildren.