American Immigration Activist Goes Live on Facebook Before Dissappearing in Mexico

Well-known American immigration activist Hugo Castro streamed a plea for help live on Facebook while stranded on a highway between Mexico City and Puebla on April 13, before disappearing. He was found alive on April 18, according to his wife.

Castro said that a “group of criminals” were after him and asked his Facebook audience to send someone to pick him up. In the video he says that no one on the road will pick him up or accept American dollars, and that the criminals were moving to surround him. After 20 minutes the feed stops abruptly. Castro was missing for five days before his wife, Gaba Cortes, posted on Facebook that he was found alive. She provided no further information.

Castro, founder of the group Border Angels, went missing after becoming separated from his group while on the way to the Víacrucis del Migrante, an annual march from Central America to Tijuana, where Castro lives, that brings attention to the dangers migrants face on their journey through Mexico, according to Latino media organization Remezcla.

Cortes broadcast live on Facebook on Saturday, asking authorities to find her husband. Credit: Hugo Castro via Storyful