American TV show Blindspot returns to its South African roots for season 3 finale

Cape Town – For the season three finale, Blindspot headed to South Africa where it all began for Jane (Jamie Alexander) and Roman (Luke Mitchell).

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly executive producer Martin Gero said the country has always been an incredibly important part of the Blindspot mythology. 

The cast and crew headed to Cape Town in April to film the final episode in just two days which will air on Thursday, 28 June at 21:30 on 1Magic (DStv 103).

During their time in the Mother City Channel24 interviewed Luke Mitchell, Rob Brown (Edgar Rheede) and Tori Anderson (Blake Crawford) at a press day. 

(Rob Brown as Edgar Reed filming scenes in Cape Town.)

The search for Hank Crawford (David Morse) leads Rob’s character to Cape Town. 

“We arrive in South Africa and we are trying to track down Crawford. We meet a liaison who shows us around.”

He continues: “That is pretty much it, just establishing that meeting. It is the last episode and we are getting close and in a good position to catch Crawford in South Africa.”

With South Africa being the birth place of Roman and Jane, Rob says the story has led them here.

Luke adds: “There is a really good reason for coming back. It is a perfect end to the season for us to revisit the place of so many memories, pain and conflict.”

Luke says that he had to learn a South African accent which he says is an incredibly difficult one to do. 

“I hired a coach and I was very nervous about it, in fact,I am still nervous about it. I based it on an English Cape Town accent. It will be interesting to see after the episode airs whether I get a lot of hate or if people say it wasn’t too bad,” he says.

(Luke Mitchell as Roman filming scenes in Cape Town.)


For Rob what drew him to the role was the pilot and meeting producer, Martin.

“It was the best pilot and procedural out there. And when I met Martin, amongst a lot of things, he spoke about the experience I will get with this show and experiences are better than objects, they last forever,” says Rob. 

Luke, who joined the show in season 2, says he was drawn to Roman because he is very different from himself. 

“Initially I didn’t think I was right for the role. A lot of the other guys who had auditioned were playing him as the bad guy. The casting agent told me that it was not the character at all.”

He continues: “He has become my favourite character. He is incredibly conflicted – he seems to be bad but he has a good heart, he’s just damaged.”

Tori, the newbie on the show, was a big fan before signing on for the role of Blake. 

“I remember seeing previews for Blindspot before it aired. It was something that hadn’t been done before. It was amazing. I watched every episode.”

She continues: “I have never played a character like this before. I am trying to move away from the younger role. She is charismatic, wonderfully written and has a great character arc.” 

(Tori Anderson as Blake Crawford filming scenes in Cape Town.)


As fans of the show themselves they say they are constantly surprised by the twists and the turns. 

Rob says that fans will be very satisfied, “a lot of questions will be answered and on the same token things will change again.”

Tori adds: “Reading the finale I had no idea where it was going. There are so many twists and it is extremely exciting to watch. The finale is incredible and mind blowing hopefully it will be a fun ride.”


(Photos supplied: Warner Bros)