American wine expert tries buckfast for first time and has hilarious reaction

An American wrote a scathing review about buckfast
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Some people will never understand our British delicacies.

Perhaps that's why it's so funny when they go on to review them. One American decided to give his thoughts on buckfast – a caffeinated alcoholic drink made up of fortified wine and caffeine.

It was originally made by monks at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, and it's particularly popular in Scotland. It's thought this is because there's a connection with the traditionally Catholic fans of the Scottish football club, Celtic FC , as they developed a taste for the stuff as their holy pre-match aperitif back in the 1970s.

But, one person was recently taken aback when they sampled the bold beverage. Justin Vanparys decided to tell his followers on Facebook about the matter after the review left him chuckling.

It's hard not to laugh when you read the remarks, as he compares it to "flat cola". He also noted it "ruined" his evening of drinking.

The post on Justin's page read: "An American wine connoisseur made the mistake of reviewing buckfast… Here’s their tasting notes: Buckfast Tonic Wine (No Vintage).

"Screw cap, took it off about 30 minutes before to bring in some air. Apparently made by monks in England. Decided to try while cooking dinner. Poured into a glass, first glance has a very inky almost brownish colour that you see in older wines.

"Very syrupy, liquid clings to the side of the glass when swirled. Almost 15% ABV. Stuck my nose in and was hit with something I’ve never experienced before. Barnyardy funk (in a bad way) almost like a dead animal in a bird’s nest."

He continued: "A mix of flat Coca Cola and caramel with a whiff of gun metal. On the palate, overwhelming sweetness and sugar. Cherry Cola mixed with Benadryl. Unlike anything I’ve tasted.

"I’m not sure what this liquid is but it is not wine, I’m actually not sure what it is but it tastes like something a doctor would prescribe. A chemical concoction of the highest degree. Can only compare it to a Four Loko.

"Managed to make it through a couple small glasses but not much more. Has absolutely ruined the evening drinking-wise for me as I tried to drink a nice Bordeaux after but the iron-like metallic sweet aftertaste I just couldn’t get out of my mouth even after a few glasses of water.

"I don’t drink a lot of coffee regularly so I also have mild heart palpitations from the caffeine after just drinking a bit of this and feel a slight migraine. An ungodly concoction made by seemingly godly men.

"I believe the Vatican needs to send an exorcist over to Buckfast Abbey as the devil’s works are clearly present there. After tasting this 'wine', the way I feel can only be described as akin to being under a bridge on one’s knees orally pleasing a vagrant while simultaneously drinking liquified meth through a dirty rag.

"I’ve drank a lot of wines in my life and will never forget this one."

An American wrote a scathing review about buckfast
People said it should never be consumed from a glass -Credit:Getty Images

Since the review was shared, more than 29,000 people have liked it. Hundreds have been talking about it online too – and while some have been poking fun at the review, others have been declaring their love for the tipple.

One wrote: "Get the bottle down you and ye will be grand." Another said: "It's like alcoholic cough mixture. Not for me, lol."

A third replied: "My favourite overheard conversation from some VERY posh students heading to the University of Edinburgh: 'Now Arabella, whilst you are in Scotland, you simply must try some Buckfast. It’s divine'."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "He went wrong at 'poured into a glass'."

Despite the cheeky quips, it seems as though some people proper love the beverage. Some couldn't resist but confess how much they love the drink.

One wrote: "Mix it with Whiskey and Ice it’s b****y lovely" Another added: "That reviewer is a cretin who doesn't understand the quality of the Mighty Bucky."

A third also chirped in with: "LOVE Bucky. I think all Scots do. I went to Buckfast Abbey for work and was served it during a meal while inside the abbey. No one else wanted any! Fair to say, I was steaming. Best day ever. The shop was amazing. Also mulled Bucky at Christmas."

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