Americans agee these are the best and worst surprises in life

It's official - the best surprise in life is randomly finding money, according to new research. The study polled 2,000 nationally representative Americans and found nearly half (49%) identified finding money on the street or in a forgotten coat pocket is the best surprise you can get. According to 46% of respondents, getting a tax refund was their next favorite surprise, and 58% agreed that no matter the amount, they're always surprised. Aside from financial surprises, respondents also cited surprise parties, engagements, pregnancies and puppies as their other favorite types of surprises. And while there are good surprises, there are also plenty of bad ones. The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Affirm, found that paying a bill that's higher than you expected topped the list of worst surprises. Next in line for worst surprises ever included having to OWE money after doing your taxes and getting dinged with a late fee on a credit card.