Americans dread getting wrapped up in this during the holiday season

The worst part about the holidays isn't the music, after all — it's wrapping gifts and being a Secret Santa. A survey of 2,000 Americans identified the worst part of the holiday season, which is wrapping gifts, according to 52% of respondents. Nearly as many (51%) hate the task so much, they prefer having a professional wrap their gifts and will do anything to avoid wrapping. Half will go out of their way only to buy easy-to-wrap gifts. The hardest gifts to wrap include bicycles (55%), gym equipment (46%), sporting balls (45%), guitars (45%) and candles (22%). More than half (59%) can tell what something is and who it's from based on how it's been wrapped. The average person spends $56 on gift-wrapping materials for the holidays. Commissioned by Slickdeals and conducted by OnePoll, the study found gift-wrapping costs are just a drop in the bucket on spending this year. The average respondent plans to spend over $250 on the holidays this year —not including any potential travel costs. People said they are willing to spend an average $61 extra on top of their regular holiday budget for exclusive holiday edition items like consumables, wearables, beauty products and more.

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