Americans realize they use their car for more than just driving

New research shows many Americans have a newfound appreciation for their car since the COVID-19 pandemic: Two in five said they're nostalgic about using their vehicle to hit the open road, and 41% said they've created new traveling habits. A survey of 2,000 drivers or car owners in the U.S. explored the relationships people have with their vehicles and found that 40% of them have experienced epiphanies or "eureka" moments while driving. From committing to making a positive change in their life to coming up with a business idea or catching someone in a lie, there's no shortage of life-altering moments drivers have experienced in their cars. The study also showed cars had become extensions of one's home, operating as everything from a de facto office to a confessional. The survey was commissioned by Metromile, a digital insurer, and conducted by OnePoll.

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