Americans reveal they begin to enjoy the finer things in life at this age

Get those pinkies up in the air: three out of four Americans claim to have an appreciation for the "finer things" in life, and it typically develops at a much younger age than you'd expect. According to a recent survey of 2,000 respondents above the age of 21, the average American first begins to appreciate the "finer things" when they're 26 years old. Almost four out of five said they were even younger when their tastes became more refined, while only one in five said it took them until age 30 or older. So, what makes a person more mature? At the top of the list, respondents cited having an opinion about the stock market (38%), being knowledgeable about different wines and spirits (35%) and investing in expensive tailored clothes (35%). One in three believe that visiting museums is something adults are expected to do, while another one in three mentioned talking about current events — and one in four don't care about seeming mature at all. Reported by OnePoll on behalf of, the data also suggests that male respondents feel especially pressured to present themselves as sophisticated.