Americans reveal which drink makes the best impression on a first date

Three in ten Americans have ended a date early because of what their date ordered to drink, a new study revealed.

The survey of 2,000 Americans over 21 who consume alcohol found the first drink on a date makes a lasting first impression. 

Sixty percent of men surveyed agreed a bad drink order would be a "deal-breaker" compared to just 32% of women. 

Three in five said a martini will make the ultimate good impression. The top other drinks that would leave potential partners impressed with their date were gin and tonics (46%) and Manhattans (45%). 

Forty-two percent would look favorably on a date who ordered a Cosmopolitan or a Whiskey Sour (also 42%). 

On the other hand, the drink most likely to make a bad impression was a Long Island Iced Tea (22%). 

With so much pressure on that initial order at the bar it's no wonder over a third (37%) have ordered a "fancy" drink on a date. 

The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jack Daniel's revealed 62% think a person's drink of choice says "a lot" about their personality. 

It's for that reason two in three respondents (65%) think people should order their drink of choice on a first date to showcase who they "really are."

The results also found that four in five (79%) have a "go-to" drink and it took them three years of experimenting on average to finally find it.

It's not just about what goes in the drink, though, as 71% say they are experts who know how to prepare their drink "the right way."

Over half of respondents actually consider themselves a "connoisseur" in their spirit of choice, but that wasn't always the case.

The average person "graduated" from low to top-shelf taste when they were 27 years old and needed three years to become truly knowledgeable about their favorite spirit. 

A spokesperson for Jack Daniel's said, "Your drink of choice says a lot about your personality and it's no surprise to us that classic whiskey cocktails have never gone out of style. However our friends choose to enjoy our Tennessee Whiskey, we want them to do so responsibly."

The survey was commissioned in honor of International Whiskey Day and wanted to find out just what Americans love about the spirit. 

Three in ten named whiskey as their favorite spirit. When it comes to whiskey-centric cocktails, simple is better. 

Whiskey-colas were a top choice with a third of respondents followed by Whiskey Sours (31%), Irish Coffees (23%) and Old Fashioneds (23%).

"The spokesperson for Jack Daniel's added, "Whiskey has always been a staple in any home bar. All of the classic whiskey cocktails that were identified by the respondents can easily be perfected at home and with the seasons changing it's the ideal time to experiment with new recipes."