Americans Spend Big Every Year on Small Joys

Is there anything better than taking in a small joy? Whether it's coffee, a walk in the park, or splurging on chips and guac, a recent survey shows that Americans would sacrifice quite a bit for them.

Wildly, one in three survey participants would rather shave their head bald than give up their small joys for a year, according to new research.

Not only that, nearly one in five would sooner cut off their family for a year than sacrifice their small joys in life for the same amount of time.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Avocados From Mexico, revealed that Americans participating in the survey will spend an incredible $1,795.56 on small joys every year.

But the price tag is no problem, according to the results, as 78 percent of those surveyed say they'd rather have and experience those small joys than keep the money they cost.

According to those surveyed, bad days are the perfect time to indulge in one of those small joys: 72 percent say they are more likely to seek out a small joy when they need to brighten up their day.

The survey went into some of the other crazy situations Americans participating in the survey would rather put themselves in than give up their beloved small joys and uncovered some amusing data.

For example, one in four survey participants would happily fend for themselves on a deserted island for a week than go a year without their small joys.

Nearly one in three would rather put themselves on house arrest for a month, 23 percent would rather give up their sense of smell and taste for a year, and 24 percent would take a $10K annual pay cut.

Just in time for National Guacamole Day, celebrated on September 16th, it was revealed that about one in four Americans participating in the survey would take a minute-long swim in shark-infested waters than go without guacamole for a year. One in four would also give up coffee in exchange for fresh guacamole.

"It's easy to see why people consider fresh guacamole a small joy, and what they would do to keep that small joy - as we say, avocados are always worth it," said Kevin Hamilton, Senior Director of Marketing at Avocados From Mexico. "On National Guacamole Day, we hope everyone makes time for guacamole, but remember that Avocados From Mexico are always in season, so it's a small joy that can be had all year round."

The survey also unveiled favorite small joys and found listening to your favorite music crowned as number one among survey participants (58 percent.)

Food was another popular small joy among Americans participating in the survey, as cooking a favorite meal (58 percent), guacamole (44 percent) and ice cream (57 percent) were all top choices.

Getting new clothes (57 percent,) watching the sunset (56 percent,) going to the movies (57 percent), and even something as simple as holding hands with someone you love (58 percent) all scored high marks as well.

"This survey makes it clear that the simple things bring joy, and luckily not much has to be sacrificed for great guacamole. Grab the salt, lime juice, onion, cilantro and of course fresh Avocados From Mexico to treat yourself this National Guacamole Day," said Hamilton.