Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom insists she 'doesn't give a sh*t' about family feud

Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom has spoken out on her well-documented feud with the boxer’s family, insisting that she “doesn’t give a sh*t” about what they think of her.

Faryal also boasted that her marriage to hubby Amir is “stronger than ever” and that they refuse to let his parents affect their relationship.

Amir’s parents have publicly blasted Faryal.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Faryal ranted: “After everything Amir has been through I’m the only one still standing here – no one else is.

“I don’t see some of his friends, I don’t see some of his family members.

“But I’m still here. That makes him realise, ‘She is The One’. After all the negativity and stuff Amir gets, at the end of the day he comes home to me.

Faryal insist her marriage to Amir is ‘stronger than ever’.

“So I really don’t give a sh*t.”

Faryal and Amir’s marriage came under scrutiny when Amir’s father, Shah, labelled the beauty as “fame hungry” and “very evil”, with relationships worsening when Faryal posted an arty topless selfie to Instagram, which disappointed Amir’s strict Muslim parents.

The selfie is thought to have sparked a bitter war of words, although Amir has insisted that both he and Faryal are keen to sit down with his parents to resolve the issue.

He recently told reporters: “I think the best way for this to work is both parties sit down and hopefully settle things and speak things out.

The selfie that allegedly sparked a heated feud with Amir’s family.

“My wife is happy to do that. It’s all just petty stuff really. It was small stuff that just got big.”

At the beginning of the year Faryal and Amir’s marriage was also rocked when a sex tape of Amir leaked online.

The X-rated footage apparently shows Amir pleasuring himself on camera, with the star being recorded while video chatting with a model on Skype, leaving Faryal “absolutely disgusted”.

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