Amor Vittone's daughter recovering well following health scare

Cape Town - Local TV personality Amor Vittone's 12-year-old daughter, Kylie, is recovering well following a serious health scare. 

Kylie was admitted to hospital on 24 April and was scheduled for an operation. An exhausted and emotional Amor wrote on Facebook: "My eyes hurt from all the crying over the last two days."

Undoubtedly relieved, Amor took to Facebook on Wednesday, writing: "Tonight I can sleep easy because I have received Kylie's medical test results, and there are no signs of serious illness."

Opening up about the severity of Kylie's illness, she said: "There is a bacteria growing in her bladder that is having a negative impact on her lymph nodes. That is why her blood was black and thick, and we needed to do a biopsy."

The Afrikaans singer thanked everyone for their prayers and well wishes, saying: "Our prayers have been answered."


(Read the post on Facebook here)