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Fans think Whisperers are coming to Fear Walking Dead

Justin Harp
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Photo credit: AMC

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The Walking Dead viewers have been waiting years for the arrival of a group of sadistic killers known as the Whisperers.

This bloodthirsty band of survivors wear the skinned faces of walkers to blend in with the dead while travelling, and to have the edge when they're ambushing rivals. Lots of fans have assumed that Jadis will eventually be unmasked as a Whisperer once the All Out War storyline finishes, for example.

Photo credit: Gene Page / AMC

However, a new promotional photo might just tip that Whisperers will be making their first appearance in sister series Fear the Walking Dead before arriving on the main show.

The evidence, according to some clever fans on Reddit, comes from the two promotional photos for Fear's upcoming fourth season, depicting new character Naomi fighting off walkers:

Photo credit: AMC
Photo credit: AMC

As the Redditors noticed, the walkers in these photos aren't wearing the contacts used on all of the show's zombies to give them a deadened expression, rather they all have their natural eye colour.

And, secondly, look at the hands of the walkers. They look far less decayed than their faces - is it possible that these are Whisperers in disguise?

The only character on the show to have directly referenced the Whisperers thus far is Morgan (Lennie James), who is making the jump from The Walking Dead to Fear later this season.

Photo credit: AMC

The exact timeline of Fear's fourth season is being kept back from fans for the time being, making it theoretically possible that any appearance in the prequel will set up the eventual arrival of the Whisperers to battle Rick and his crew on the main show down the line.

We'll have to tune in to find out! Fear the Walking Dead season 4 begins Sunday, April 15 on AMC in the US and Monday, April 23 on BT in the UK.

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