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Just in time for Mother’s Day! Baby sloth born at London Zoo showers mum with hugs and kisses

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Marilyn the sloth probably won’t be pampered this Mother’s Day as her newborn is quite an excitable little baby.

Born in February at London Zoo after almost a year-long pregnancy, eager keepers finally spotted the newborn two-toed sloth being cradled by mum while on their morning rounds.

And the youngster has wasted no time in showering its mother with affection.

The baby sloth was born at London Zoo last month (London Zoo)
The excitable youngster won’t give his mum much time off on Mother’s Day (London Zoo)

Zoo sloth keeper Steve Goodwin said: ‘We saw two big brown eyes peering out through mum’s fur and on closer inspection we were delighted to see a healthy-looking youngster tucked into her tummy…

‘Juveniles tend to stay with their mother for around 12 months before leaving their side – they’re a very ‘clingy’ species in general; to trees and to their mum.

‘This means that unlike mothers all over the country, Marilyn certainly won’t be getting a break this Sunday!’


Keepers won’t know the youngster’s sex until it is scanned by vets, as there aren’t many obvious external differences between males and females.

In the meantime, keepers are keeping a close eye on both Marilyn and her one-month-old baby, who they’ve nicknamed Lento, which means ‘slow’ in Spanish.

Steve added: ‘Marilyn is doing an excellent job as a mum.

Juveniles tend to stay with their mother for around 12 months before leaving their side (London Zoo)

‘The baby is growing fast and is very inquisitive – we’ve spotted some brave attempts to clamber over mum’s head, using her as a climbing frame and grabbing at the trees!’

The youngster’s claws will grow up to four inches in length and also help when the youngster is ready to move from tree to tree on its own.


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