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New M&M’s Flavors: Are Crunchy Espresso and Raspberry Winners or Absolutely Disgusting?

Elana Glowatz

Candy lovers will soon be able to crunch on three new M&M’s flavors and vote for the one they think should be a long-term member of the chocolate crew.

The new flavors are “crunchy espresso,” “crunchy mint” and “crunchy raspberry,” all of which are made with dark chocolate.

The flavors are in some stores already but will be released fully April 1, M&M’s owner Mars announced.

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Consumers can vote for their favorite flavor by uploading an M&M’s-themed selfie or using hashtags for the varieties on social media. The selfies appear on the website to scroll through and see how other people voted and what faces they were making in their photos.

Voting runs through May 25 and the winner will be announced in August, with the prized M&M sold for the following 18 months alongside the other flavors.

Testing out new flavors can be hit-or-miss for snack makers. Some have been horrified by experimental “southern biscuits and gravy” and cappuccino flavors of Lay’s potato chips. Likewise, limited-edition Oreo flavors like watermelon and Swedish Fish spurred a mess of internet videos showing people taste-testing the weirdest ones they could find—and sometimes spitting them out into the trash.

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It’s hard to say how people will react to the crunchy M&M’s versions of espresso, mint and raspberry, but people are already posting their votes on social media and giving their thoughts.

“Please stop trying to add fruit flavors to your products,” one person wrote on Twitter, in response to the new trio. “Your raspberry crunchy M&M’s tastes like NyQuil.”

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M&M’s has previously done a flavor-voting promotion, when it celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2016. People chose the Coffee Nut flavor in that competition.


Three new flavors of M&M’s. Mars/screenshot

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