Anatomy of a Scandal: Netflix users mock ‘dreadful’ scene from new series

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Netflix users are mocking Anatomy of a Scandal after a scene from the show went viral online.

The new series, which was released on Friday (15 April), follows Tory MP and immigration minister James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), in the wake of revelations that he cheated on his wife Sophie (Sienna Miller) with his parliamentary aide Olivia (Aladdin’s Naomi Scott).

However, James’s situation quicky becomes more serious when he is accused of rape.

The scene in which James discovers the allegation is the one that has been highlighted and posted on social media.

It shows him flying backwards in slow motion after he hears the news, as if he’s been hit by an invisible force. The scene, directed by SJ Clarkson, is designed to reflect an invisible gut punch.

Many viewers shared the scene on Twitter in disbelief. Tweeter @AliArikan wrote: “Anatomy of a Scandal is dreadful and hilarious. This is how the first episode ends.”

One viewer replied: “I... did not expect that. Nearly spit out my food in the break room.”

Another person who watched the show added: “The ending of the first episode of Anatomy of a Scandal is goofy as s*** what was that.”

‘Anatomy of a Scandal’s metaphorical gut-punch scene has been mocked (Netflix)
‘Anatomy of a Scandal’s metaphorical gut-punch scene has been mocked (Netflix)

Anatomy of a Scandal, developed by David E Kelley, is available to stream now.

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