Ancient Statues Unearthed in Italy 'Will Rewrite' History, Archaeologists Say

The Italian Ministry of Culture has announced the discovery at the site of an ancient thermal baths in Tuscany of more than 20 bronze statues and other artifacts that it said would “rewrite the history of Etruscan-Roman statuary.”

Archeologists found the statues, some of which date back to the second century BC, in “perfect condition”, as the spring water had preserved their Etruscan and Latin inscriptions, the ministry said.

Video released by the culture ministry and Musei Italiani on Tuesday, November 8, shows experts examining and discussing the artifacts, including the bronze statues, coins and other objects.

The find represents “the largest deposit of bronze statues from the Etruscan and Roman periods,” according to officials in San Casciano dei Bagni, the municipality in which the artifacts were found.

The objects would be housed in a new museum in San Casciano, authorities said. Credit: Ministero della Cultura/Musei Italiani via Storyful