Anderson resident running for Congress vows to care about the community

Feb. 1—ANDERSON — Local resident Jonathan Brown, who is a full-time student at Ball State University is seeking the Republican Party nomination for 5th District Congressman.

Brown, 28, is majoring in political science and American government as a freshman at BSU. He previously worked for Pizza Hut as a delivery driver.

"I went back to college for higher paying job opportunities," he said. "A lot of employers are looking for people with a higher education."

Brown said he decided to seek the 5th District nomination to bring about change in how government functions.

He is one of eight candidates seeking the nomination after incumbent Republican Victoria Spartz announced she would not seek a third term.

"The current Congressional delegation is not doing a good job of representing the district," he said. "I lived here for 21 years and have seen a lot of decline."

Brown said legislators in Congress have been blocking funding to local communities, which would be his focus if elected.

"A lot of the focus is on foreign policy," he said. "We're funding a war for a country (Ukraine) ... . It's costing a lot of money when people in our country are in need."

Brown said some reforms are needed in the Affordable Care Act so that a person without insurance can get assistance for mental health issues.

"How do they get help?" he asked.

Concerning the border situation, Brown said he is supportive of constructing a wall.

"Our country is being invaded," he said. "It's causing government ineffectiveness."

Brown said federal government officials should not be involved in the educational system and that there is a need for more local control.

"Government officials and educators shouldn't be determining what a child can and cannot be taught," he said.

Brown said he believes in the 2nd Amendment and people's right to have firearms.

"We need stricter regulations on who can obtain a weapon," he said. "There are people that shouldn't have weapons."

Brown said additional restrictions should be in place and he wants to see higher levels of funding for the law enforcement community because of the gun violence in the country.

He is an activist in the LGBTQ+ community and has been married to Daniel since 2022.

Regarding the campaign, Brown said he wouldn't ask people for funding because many are facing a tough economy and having a tough time finding a job.

"Being a part of the community is why I'm running," he said. "I'm just trying to get my message out that I care about the community."

Editor's note: The initial version of this story included a quote from Brown saying that Ukraine is not a member of the United Nations. Ukraine is, in fact, a member of the United Nations.

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