Andi Peters leaves viewers in hysterics as he runs away from small dog


Good Morning Britain presenter Andi Peters had viewers in hysterics on Thursday morning when he ran away from a small fluffy dog.

The 48-year-old was hoping to surprise a viewer at her home, who had won £5,000, when he was left terrified by a dog barking at her door.

“We did this on Monday. Darren took ages to answer the phone. Let’s see if…,” Peters calmly began.

But then panic rose in his voice when a fluffy dog began barking at him from the other side of the house’s glass front door.

“There’s a dog! There’s a dog! I can hear a dog!” he squealed.

But as the door opened and revealed a small dog, Peters laughed off the gaffe.

“Oh it’s only a little dog!” he said.

The camera then cut to showing GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd in hysterics at Peters melodramatic reaction to the small creature.

Andi Peters fled from a small fluffy dog on GMB this morning. (ITV)
Andi Peters fled from a small fluffy dog on GMB this morning. (ITV)

But this wasn’t the end of Peters’ trauma, as the dog proceeded to claw at his legs.

“Ooh, the dog’s climbing up on me!” he said.

“Andi is about to be licked to death!” teased Shepherd.

“I’ve never seen anyone afraid of a fluffier, cuter dog,” Reid added.

And GMB’s social team mocked the canine encounter with a Twitter post: ‘Andi Peters comes up against a vicious beast…Have you seen anyone that scared of something so fluffy?’

Viewers appeared to also enjoy the funny side of the interaction. One joked: ‘Best thing I have seen on GMB in a long time! Can the dog replace Piers Morgan?’ while another wrote: ‘Omg Andi, can’t stop laughing!’

A third joked: ‘Spat my tea out laughing!’

It has proven to be quite an eventful week for Good Morning Britain. Piers Morgan and Carol Vorderman got involved in the Gillette ‘The Best Men Can Be’ ad debate. Both argued that they disliked the ad and believed it was putting out a ‘negative’ message about men.

Meanwhile, Morgan stunned Susanna Reid when he proposed to her with a £1 engagement ring from Poundland.

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