Who is Andrew Le Page? Love Island 2022 contestant and real estate agent

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The series 8 line-up of islanders looking for love has been confirmed (ITV)
The series 8 line-up of islanders looking for love has been confirmed (ITV)

Love Island is back, and a fresh cast of new islanders are in the villa hoping to find love.

The sexy singletons are spending the summer in a luxury Majorcan villa–while reality TV fans tune in every night to find out who will hit it off and who will simply be pied off.

The first wave of Love Island contestants coupled up and started getting to know each other. But with heads already turned, how long will the couples last?

One of the original islanders is Andrew Le Page–find out everything we know about him so far…

Who is Andrew Le Page?

Andrew Le Page is a 27-year-old real estate agent from Guernsey, who lives in Dubai.

Andrew is looking for love on Love Island because he’s “actually single for once,” and thinks “this is the best time to give it a go.”

Andrew Le Page (ITV)
Andrew Le Page (ITV)

He says he will bring “laughs to the villa” because he’s “not going to take things too seriously.”

Andrew’s family and friends would describe him as someone who is “quite cheeky, confident, a bit silly, doesn’t take life too seriously and who’s going to have a laugh with it,” while the real estate agent says that he’s “very loyal” and a “good boyfriend.”

His last relationship ended because he moved to Dubai, but he said: “It just wasn’t going to work so we decided to go our separate ways. We ended on good terms, which is good.”

Andrew says that he enjoys dating, but “definitely [prefers] being in a relationship.”

When he wants to impress someone, he says: “I’d just go up to them, chat, be confident and just get to know them, and then they get to know me. I can just approach a girl and chat to them.”

Love Island 2022: Contestants

He would be willing to step on toes in the villa–but it depends on the situation. Andrew says: “If they’re actually in a relationship, I’d go for someone else. If they’re just starting, I will see what I can do. If I get turned down, I get turned down. I’d just move on.”

Personality is important to Andrew, who says, “I like someone that I can vibe with, get along with, go on a night out with, and who’s not going to cause arguments. If you cause arguments, I just can’t be bothered - I’ve had that too many times.”

He might fall in love in the villa, as he says, “If I like someone I’m all for them, so I do fall quite quickly,” however, he also says, “but I’m quite picky so it depends.

“I’ve got to really like you and then straight away I’m all yours.”

Andrew le Page’s Instagram is @andrewlepage.

Love Island is on every day at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV hub. Episodes are available the following morning on Britbox.

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