Andrew Tate responds to Greta Thunberg in spectacularly witless manner

After Greta Thunberg casually owned the self-proclaimed misogynist bro influencer Andrew Tate with what Twitter users have dubbed ‘the greatest Tweet of all time’, Tate has, after a ten hour wait, given his response.

And in a further case of self-owning, it is a peculiarly humourless attempt at humour.

Firstly, Thunberg slapped down Tate with a genius bit of tweeting:

Which then led Tate to respond with this tweet and video:

In the video, Tate is seen in all his usual ‘glory’ – wearing a dressing gown so everybody can see his tattoos; smoking a cigar; displaying designer stubble – looking like a villain from a low budget Chuck Norris film, and haltingly leads off by saying Greta, “replied by telling me her own email address. Greta’s email address is Why would that be your own email address? Strange. I also don’t want to assume her gender, it’s 50-50. But it is what it is.” Which is basically the convoluted equivalent of the classic playground comeback: “No I’m not, you are.”

He goes on to do a cute aside to an aide - “Please bring me pizza, and make sure the boxes are recycled.” - before diving into one of his customary half-baked conspiracy theory rants: “She has been sat down to try and convince you to beg your government to tax you into poverty to stop the sun from being hot. And then because I called her out on it the global matrix got this bot farm to like and retweet to try and pretend that her telling me…” ugh, well on it goes.

To giggling from the bro behind the camera, Tate signs off with a flourish: “Now I know at least that Greta, with her little hate filled face, bitter, sitting somewhere without the heating on, in the cold, little hat, shivering, reads my tweets, which is going to make my Twitter account far more fun into eternity.”

Well, from Tate’s point of view this is in some way mission accomplished: he has more attention. Unlike Thunberg, who attempts to use her attention to forward a worthy goal for humanity, Tate is purely an attention machine, and his only goal is to get more attention.

Less depressingly, Twitter has recognised him not as the Alpha dog rebel he desperately wants to be, but as a veritable cringe machine: