Andrew urged to tell Tasha everything as Casa Amor fallout continues

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Coco Lodge will urge Andrew Le Page to tell Tasha Ghouri everything that happened between them in Friday’s tense Love Island episode.

The main villa and Casa Amor islanders were reunited during Thursday’s episode, forcing each to choose between staying faithful to their original partner or dumping them for one of the bombshells.

Andrew and Tasha, who were the show’s only original couple, both chose to recouple with new arrivals Coco and Billy Brown after Andrew discovered Tasha had doubts over her feelings for him.

The dramatic episode saw its biggest overnight ratings since the 2019 final, with a total audience of 3.9 million across all devices.

Despite getting close to Coco over the past few days, Friday’s episode will see Andrew cool things off with her, telling Dami Hope that he still has feelings for Tasha.

He tells Coco: “I’m gonna be completely honest with you and how I’m feeling as well.

“Just at the moment with Tasha being on my mind, I feel like I don’t wanna lie to you and I don’t wanna say something to you if I don’t mean it yet.

“So for me, I do wanna continue getting to know you of course…”

Coco interrupts: “But you just wanna do it really slowly?” 
Andrew agrees: “Just take a step back until my mind has cleared or whatever happens, happens.”

Later in the episode, Tasha asks Andrew on the terrace to tell her everything that happened between him and Coco.

She says: “You have probably been doing worse than what I’ve done with Billy.

“You keep playing the victim here. But you’ve been kissing her, doing whatever you’ve been doing in this villa. You know, being in bed, kissing, canoodling, hugging.”

Meanwhile, Coco has been telling some of the Islanders that more than kissing happened with Andrew while Tasha was away.

Pulling Andrew to one side, Coco says he needs to tell Tasha before someone else does.

Also in the episode, Indiyah Polak learns that Dami has had more than one kiss with new girl Summer Botwe, after they both chose to recouple.

After Indiyah brands him disrespectful, Dami asks: “So are you done with me?”

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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