Barber 'blacklisted' after using megaphone to issue traffic warden 'alerts'

Rebecca Lewis

A barber has been deemed a 'security risk' and 'blacklisted' after he issued siren alerts through a megaphone to warn motorists of approaching traffic wardens.

Andy Blackwell, 51-year-old hairdresser from Liskeard, Cornwall, received a letter from the county council after his alerts were deemed a threat to traffic wardens' "health and safety".

Mr Blackwell, has now been placed on the "cautionary contacts list" of locals deemed to be a security risk to council employees.

According to Mr Blackwell the complaint dates back to an incident where he used his megaphone as two traffic wardens walked through the town.

He explained: "I went out and did my usual siren alert, and they came running around from booking a car and started to take my photo.

"One of them said I was acting pathetically and like an idiot. I said that all I am doing here is having fun. I'm not being nasty.

''I never threatened, or cursed or swore. As far as I was concerned I was doing a public service.

"I decided to warn people that traffic wardens were in the area so they had a fair chance of moving their cars. It's a little bit of fun and people have thanked me."

He added: "It's caused me to be a bit upset that someone could think I'm frightening or a bit intimidating. If I'm regarded as some sort of threat, I surely wouldn't have built up the business I have for nearly 20 years."

A Cornwall Council spokesman said the cautionary contacts lists was "an internal system which aims to protect council staff from potentially harmful situations, including physical assault and verbal abuse".

In a statement, the authority added: "Many local authorities around the country have similar schemes in place.

"This information is only used within the council and is only available to those employees who may potentially be exposed to such risks."