Angela Merkel's meeting with Donald Trump summed up in two gloriously/painfully awkward photos

Caroline Mortimer
Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel is not impressed by Donald Trump's claim they have wiretapping 'in common': Reuters

Two photos of Angela Merkel during her trip to the White House appear to sum up her reaction to her reception.

A widely shared picture of Ms Merkel making a face when Donald Trump suggested they had “a lot in common” with each other over allegations of wiretapping Mr Trump has made concerning the Obama administration, and her disdain and bewilderment while Ivanka Trump spoke about job creation in a meeting with blue-chip CEOs.

The German Chancellor’s trip to the White House has been marked by several awkward moments after the no-nonsense stateswoman was snubbed for a handshake by the notoriously petulant Mr Trump and his later erroneous claim that Germany “owes” money the US for its defence spending in Europe.

Despite this Ms Merkel has remained diplomatic and has made no comment on the perceived slights.

But Ms Merkel’s look of confusion at why Mr Trump’s daughter, who has no formal role in the White House, was included in such a high level meeting is what has set social media ablaze with derision and anger.

Meanwhile, Ms Merkel’s reaction to Mr Trump saying they both had been wiretapped by Mr Obama led to laughter as she was left seemingly unimpressed.

In 2013, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the agency had secretly tapped the phones of several US allies, including Germany, during Mr Obama’s presidency.

Mr Trump has accused Mr Obama of ordering the wiretapping of his Manhattan home but has provided no evidence.

The relationship between Mr Trump and European leaders has been strained since his inauguration due to his threats to cut Nato spending and their distaste for some of his policies such as his attempt at a travel ban.

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