Anger as Masterchef Spain winner is revealed on Wikipedia before show went out

One of the many tweets revealing that Wikipedia knew who’d won (picture credit: Twitter/@alvarocorrales_)

It appears that Wikipedia does indeed know everything… and we mean everything.

The online encyclopaedia even knew that a talented chef called Carlos would win the Spanish version of Masterchef last night - before the final was even emitted.

His name was posted to the TVE programme’s page hours before broadcast, according to ABC.

It sparked anger on social media, with many commenters saying it had ruined their enjoyment of the show.

Another of the tweets detailing who’d won (picture credit: Twitter/@katehera)

Some viewers have called for the final of the next, fourth, season to be broadcast live, but it would be near-on impossible because of the length of time it takes to cook the dishes.

It’s also prompted several theories as to how the closely-guarded secret was given away.

Some have speculated it was a leak, or a bungling producer had prematurely spilled the beans, with others suggesting that Wikipedia just guessed right.

Whatever the answer, it’s clear that an investigation will be launched into the incident.

The show itself saw favourite Carlos impress judges Ferrán Adrià, Joan Roca y Andoni Luis Aduriz to beat Sally to the top prize.