People are furious with this picture of an all-male Republican meeting discussing women health's issues

Spot the missing women (White House)

It is a picture that has made a lot of people angry.

A photograph of the Republican Party’s leadership discussing women’s health issues had just one thing missing – women.

The picture of the 25-strong, all-male, all-white team, has gone viral after many furious people decided top point out the obvious omission.

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Some critics took to social media to claim the gender make-up of those in attendance was “outrageous”.

Others were more blunt in their pointing out of the lack of women.

Critics were unimpressed (Twitter/@lacuchina)

The photograph was officially sent out by the White House which was too much of a temptation for some.

One critic took to photoshop to point out the obvious omission from the meeting.

It wasn’t subtle but it was effective.

Only men allowed (Twitter)

Political rivals were quick to pounce as well.

Democrat senator Patty Murray also took to Twitter to highlight the male/female inbalance.

Writing that the picture was a “rare look inside the GOP women’s health caucus”, her message has been retweeted more than 6,000 times.

Democrats attacked the picture (Twitter/@PattyMurray)

Others though took a different approach.

One tweeter, @JoshMalina, an actor who appeared in the the West Wing, could not resist the temptation to draw the conclusion that if women’s health issues might not be comprehensively discussed, at least those issues facing middle-aged white men should get a good hearing.

At least there could be some benefits… (Twitter/@joshmalina)

The picture was taken as President Trump tries to get  his new health care bill through Congress.

One issue the men were discussing was whether the new bill should mandate that health insurance plans provide “essential benefits” such as maternity services.

It is not the first time that the Republicans have been in trouble for such an issue in recent weeks.

Earlier in the Trump presidency, the party was ridiculed after the President signed an abortion bill surrounded only by men.