Angry elephant targets and chases trainer without giving up

An elephant held in captivity chased its trainer at Sakrebailu camp in Karnataka, India, a centre hosting and training captive animals that are either ill or have behavioural issues. Trainer Imran was taking the elephant to the forest when his colleague Khaleel decided to follow them on his scooter. When he arrived, the animal went after him and chased him non-stop. The man ran inside the camp to save his life. This elephant, named Manikanta, is well-known in the camp for its fiery personality. The reason why it targeted Khaleel remains unclear. “The elephant was quietly walking on the road. He even ignored vehicles and people passing by. It was just angry with Khaleel and wanted to take revenge on him,” said one of the centre's employees. Manikanta has a history of attacking other elephants and trainers. “It is a bully and a difficult animal to manage. Even if we set it free in the forest, it will create problems for other animals and nearby villagers,” said one of the trainers.