Angry locals fear Japanese knotweed will knock thousands of pounds of properties' value

Residents fear the fast-growing plant will knock thousands of pounds of the value of their properties unless the problem is tackled.

They have blasted council bosses for repeatedly ignoring their pleas for help to stop the
“eyesore” weed invading their homes.

Residents say the weed is growing out of control in Brickfields Park, which is part of King George V Playing Fields, in Worcester.

Retired gardener Dennis Hodson, 73, lives in a £200,000 bungalow in Tunnel Hill which backs onto the fields.

He said: “The knotweed has gone rampant in the park and it’s coming up in our gardens now, including mine which is just 20 metres away. It's a bit of a nightmare.

“It’s happening in Elder Close as well as Tunnel Hill.

“It’s getting to about six foot tall in the park and I’ve tried calling the council, but they haven’t done anything.

"The plant is just about to seed which will spread it even further. The time to act is now.

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